Key Updates to Visa Checkout Service and Privacy Policy

Below are the highlights of recent changes to the Visa Checkout service and Privacy Policy. If you have already enrolled in Visa Checkout at the time these updates went into effect, you will receive an additional communication prompting you to accept the updated Privacy Policy.

Key Updates to Visa Checkout Services and Privacy Policy

  • Transaction History: We no longer provide your Visa Checkout purchase transaction history on the Visa Checkout website. As always, you will continue to receive order details from merchants and payment transaction detail directly from the financial institution that issued your payment card.
  • Payment Card Account Number: Visa may provide your full payment card account number to merchants and their transaction service providers when you pay using Visa Checkout. Visa is leveraging its wealth of experience in security and information handling, using advanced security technologies such as industry standard encryption and multilayer authentication, to protect the information as it is stored and communicated.
  • Information Sharing and Use: The Visa Checkout Privacy Policy was updated to clarify our relationship with participating merchants and their service providers and your issuer with regard to sharing of data. Visa provides information to these entities for the purpose of facilitating your Visa Checkout transactions and as described in the Privacy Policy. Please note that these parties may have their own privacy policies governing how they will use and disclose personal information. We recommend that you review the privacy policies for those with whom you interact to learn about their practices.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance please contact us.

If you would like to permanently close your Visa Checkout account, click the link below:

Close Your Account

If you do not accept the updated Visa Checkout Privacy Policy, Visa may suspend or close your account in accordance with the Visa Checkout Terms of Service.

For your convenience, the Visa Checkout Privacy Policy is reflected here.